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Tell us how we did.

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Motorist Stories

WOW! Hats off to Nathan. What a wonderful service. What a great guy who rescued us. Our tire blew out on the 215 Freeway at rush hour. Nathan swooped in like a superhero. Only thing missing was a GEICO cape. He was nice, comforting and fast. I think the tire was done in approximately 15 minutes. Please allow me to do a commercial about this outstanding service. I have NO COMPLAINTS and no suggestions for how to improve this experience. Only one question - HOW CAN WE GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT HOW GREAT THIS SERVICE IS? I don't want to get too corny, but this was 'Good Old American Service'. We got MORE than we expected. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I never expected this. And thank you, Nathan. I hope you have a good life. He's special, y'all.

Will, NV

Devin found me last night stranded with two flat tires on an off ramp on I-83 in Baltimore City. I told him I was unable to move the car and after quickly assessing the situation, he towed me down to the bottom of the ramp and placed me on the shoulder of the highway, which was much safer. By that time, the tow truck was in sight and we were soon on our way. All told, the roadside assistance took about 20 minutes. What was impressive was that Devin's cheerful, 'take control' attitude not only solved the situation, but also provided me with a lot of assurance that things would be OK. As you can imagine, being stranded in busy traffic can make one feel unsettled and nervous. Seeing rescuers like Devin appear in one's rearview mirror certainly eases any fears. Thank you, Devin and GEICO for providing such a wonderful service. More people should be aware of the good work you do! Thank you!

Tom, MD

Jeff C. helped me so much! I was driving from Raleigh to Charlotte and my tire blew. The tire was destroyed. I pulled over on I-85. Mr. C. took care of taking the bad tire off and installing the spare, which I would have no idea how to do. I am so grateful to Jeff C. Thank you, Mr. C., and to GEICO for this invaluable service.

Patricia, NC

Had a tire blow out on the freeway in the worst possible place. The freeway was down to 3 lanes right before the Burleigh exit and no emergency lane was available. There was no way to go off to the side for traffic. Thankfully, your driver Kyle recognized the situation instantly and called 911 for a deputy to block off the freeway. He safely got our vehicle loaded onto his truck and dropped off at a park-and-ride a few exits down. God bless Kyle for the amazing service he gave me. Also thank you for this type of program by GEICO!

Tyler, WI

Had a blowout on I-40 west outside of Asheville/Canton North Carolina on Interstate 40 west. We called 911 due to the volume of traffic and it being dark when this occurred. My wife and I felt we were in danger. Chris was there to assist us. He had the tire changed within 20 minutes and we were on our way. Without this assistance, I had no idea of what we were going to do. We knew we were on I-40 west but had no idea of our location. Thank you, NCDOT and GEICO for coming to our assistance.

Tim, NC

Dennis spotted my vehicle between Wadsworth and Kipling exits. I had inadvertently run out of gas. He was MOST helpful to me in my time of need there with enough gas to get me off the highway and onto a station off of Kipling. He even followed me to the station to ensure I was able to make it. Thank you VERY much GEICO for providing this service with CDOT!!

Darin, CO

I was headed south on I-25 when I had to pull over onto the right shoulder due to a flat tire. Less than 10 minutes later, an angel appeared. It was Gabriel, asking if I needed help. He offered to change my flat. He had it completed in no time. He saved me the aggravation of calling a tow truck, the time I would have waited till a tow truck arrived and the cost of the tow. Thank heavens for Gabriel, my guardian angel, the CDOT Safety Patrol sponsored by GEICO patrol operator!

Liz, CO