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Tell us how we did.

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Motorist Stories

Mike J. helped myself, my son, and my daughter-in-law when my daughter-in-law's alternator died. My daughter-in-law had 4-week-old twins in the vehicle at the time and the temperatures were very cold, and it was windy. Mike J. was able to put cones out so that no one hit our vehicles and we could transport the "precious cargo a/k/a twins" from one vehicle to another by walking with them out in the open. He also stayed until the tow truck and my son both left. Mike J. was our saving grace! He was very professional, friendly, kind and caring. He even gave us bottled waters! I can't say enough nice things about him. Thank you so much, Mike J.!

-Wendy, CO

We had a flat tire off a highway, "in the cold" and up came Brian # 8323 who was an answer to prayer in helping us and within minutes, we were back on the road with my son. Thank you, GEICO, and thank you, Brian.

-Harrison, IN

He was great! Stephen (506) helped with a computer issue. And refused a gratuity. He was knowledgeable, kind and polite-- give him a raise! I was blown away never knew there was such a service. You saved my day! Thanks GEICO!

-Steve, NV

While heading out home after a long work day in Greensboro, NC to Raleigh, NC, I heard a pop, and I had to immediately pull over. I had a blowout on the back driver side tire. I was nervous because I was not on an actual shoulder road and instead on a busy highway split between I-85 north and south. I immediately turned on my emergency lights and called AAA for help. While on the line, an NCDOT/GEICO truck stopped to help. P 326 John P. was the friendliest person and honestly my hero at that moment. He took my spare tire to the nearest gas station to inflate it properly. He also mounted the tire for me. During the wait my car battery also died but he immediately jumped it back on. I was on the road again. John was a hero and I felt so grateful for him. I was absolutely amazed, and I wish I could say more than just ‘thanks’ because this was a huge assistance to me and helped me to feel far less stressed than I otherwise would have, given the situation. Before parting I asked him if I could pay him and all he asked for was for me to provide a review. Thank you, John! Thank you, NCDOT, and thank you, GEICO!

-Maria, NC

I had just pulled off the freeway because I heard a loud clicking as if my tire was about to blow out. Five minutes after I pulled over, this GEICO truck pulled over and changed my tire and secured the lining that was knocking my tire. I got home safely, and I thank you so much for this service!! I didn't know what to do and he pulled up like a knight in shining armor! I also had a food delivery in my car that was in jeopardy, and he worked fast and saved my day. So grateful.

-Shanna, HI

I had a blowout, and I pulled over-- having a terrible day, and I looked up and Jessy #702 was there and offered help. He put on my spare tire. He made sure I was safe along the highway, and mentally he helped me because lord knows I was at my breaking point. And then this GEICO worker drops from the sky and helps me. Thank you for your service. Thank you so much. I can’t explain my appreciation for this service.

-Kaylin, OH

My tire went flat on Rte. 3 right past the Mass/NH state line. I was pulled over on the shoulder of the highway, not sure what to do as it was 6:30 am in the winter, so it was dark. I just moved up here from Texas and have no family up here and I was about an hour from home, so I was honestly freaking out until Chris pulled up behind me. He changed my tire no questions asked, and he did it fast! He checked out all my other tires and let me know I needed to change them ASAP. His words of ‘Tires are cheap, you’re not cheap. We care about you!’ resonated completely with me. For a stranger to pull over and say things like that when I was most vulnerable was impactful, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am that he happened to see me stranded on the side of the road. Thank you SO much, Chris T. You are a godsend!

-Brenda, NH

I'm a law enforcement officer in the Triad...when I was searching for a car after dark that wrecked in a ditch on the side of the highway, I caught a flat tire running over something I couldn't see. Frustrated, I attempted to change the tire. As I got the car up on the cheap jack provided, the rod snapped and I lost my progress. Thankfully, John P. had shown up to assist on the wreck and without hesitation agreed to help me out. He got the new tire safely on my patrol vehicle and seemed ready to go. He then realized the tire was flat. So still being helpful, pulled the tire back off and filled it with air for me. He went above and beyond and helped me in a real time of need. I am very grateful...and I want to say IMAP has been extremely helpful to law enforcement in Triad. Best part of it is, I did not request to IMAP come and help on this wreck; John P. observed what was going on, stopped on the side of the highway and simply did his job to help us all out. That's all I can ask and I'm grateful for it.

-Kevin, NC

I had recently bought a 1951 Jeep for restoration and was towing the Jeep through Reno, Nevada. While driving, the rear tire/axle came completely off in the middle of interstate I-80. I immediately pulled off to the right shoulder to check things out. Within a couple of minutes, a DOT truck pulled in behind me to offer help. The driver, Angelina, was very kind and made sure that I was not injured. After a quick look, I realized that I needed to find an auto tow trailer to get home. To top it off, I was concerned I wouldn’t make it back to Idaho that evening to care for my horses and other animals. Angelina was very kind and helpful, and she had a very positive impact on GEICO and the Nevada DOT. I can’t thank her enough. In my opinion, Angelina is an irreplaceable employee and should be recognized for her efforts and abilities. Thank you, Angelina, for being my little ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day

-Greg, NV