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Tell us how we did.

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Motorist Stories

My daughter's car broke down on I-25. She managed to get most of the car out of the left lane. All of a sudden, she saw flashing lights and Eldon stepped out of his chariot (CDOT Safety Patrol vehicle) and handled the situation with confidence and courtesy until the tow truck arrived. Eldon directed traffic on I-25 during rush hour until the car was loaded on the tow truck. We are so thankful for Eldon, and for the service CDOT/GEICO offers with the Safety Patrol Program! I had no idea about this program but will now share with my friends and family! THANK YOU!!!

Kathy, CO

I got a flat tire on I-93 on an overpass where there was very little room on the shoulder. It was terrifying, with many cars and huge trucks racing past. I called my roadside assistance and they said it could be an hour for someone to reach me. I called 911. Within minutes, Chris arrived in his NHDOT truck, with a big flashing light and cones. Chris was amazing! Not only did he change my flat tire, but he put air in the spare, explained how to safely pull back into traffic on the highway, how far it was safe to drive on my temporary spare tire, and helped me figure out how to best handle the stressful situation. Many, many thanks to NHDOT, GEICO, and most of all, to Chris!

Lynne, NH

"I had a flat tire on I-71 on my way to work. I had already called AAA, but a Columbus police officer saw me and stopped. He offered to call the Safety Patrol and said they would arrive more quickly, so I took the offer. Together they put air in my spare and changed out the tire. As a young woman, I was very grateful for their help. Thank you, Terry, for your help and direction – I was able to get my car into the shop the next day and uncovered an underlying issue. Thank you, ODOT and GEICO for offering this free service!"

Alexandria, OH

I was pulled over on the H-1 freeway and it was a busy area. All of a sudden, my tire flew off my car and went down the freeway on the left side. We couldn’t find the tire on the freeway, but he took me to a safer place away from traffic at a park and drive. Thank you, Perez, for your help yesterday. I was very happy to get his help thanks to GEICO and all of you. Thank you."

Betty, HI

I was driving home from work on a busy highway when my tire blew in speeding rush hour traffic. I found a place to pull over with my heart beating out of my chest. I was just picking up the phone to call for help, when the ODOT GEICO Safety Patrol pulled up behind me. I rolled down my window, and Gabriel was there with a smile, offering to put my spare on for me. It was such a huge relief at such a stressful moment. I am so grateful that Gabriel was there to help me, and get me back on the road in just a few minutes. This is an incredible service that truly helps people in their time of need. Bravo. And thank you, Gabriel – I meant it when I said you are an angel!

Jen, OH

Kris was absolutely the definition of a Good Samaritan. I was waiting for my roadside assistance to arrive, which would have been another hour. Kris changed my flat tire to my spare one. I am so incredibly thankful to Kris, the State of Indiana, and GEICO for setting this program up. I am proud that the Hoosier hospitality is on display for this program.

Abbey, IN

I had a right front tire blowout. I did not have a tire wrench, and suddenly he was there. He helped me with the situation and once he put on the spare it was not pressurized. He pumped it up and stayed with me until I got on the road. Nice guy and nice service. Thanks to GEICO for sponsoring this.