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Tell us how we did.

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Motorist Stories

I was stranded on the side of the highway with a flat tire. I had called and was waiting for a tow, when Darrell and a colleague showed up to assist me. They explained they were a free service provided by CDOT. Darrell took off my tire, put air into my spare, and got me on the road in less than 15 minutes. Darrell was kind, calm, and eager to help. He convinced me to try the spare to get back on the road and reinforced no charge for a tow or tire change. He was awesome! I can't thank him enough for his assistance or for this complimentary roadside service. Wow. Just wow. Thank you, Darrell!

Janel, CO

I was driving on the N-95 freeway when my right tire popped!! It was like a scene from a movie! I thought I was going to cause a collision as there were many cars passing by! I was able to pull to the right side of the highway. I immediately logged into my GEICO app and requested roadside assistance. I was literally 30 seconds into filing the section in the app when I saw Nathan pulling up behind me! I was like “OMG I BARELY OPENED UP MY APP HOW DID YOU GET HERE SO FAST?!!” (I saw the GEICO logo on the side of his truck). It turns out he was a NDOT Freeway Service Patrol driver. To me, Nathan was my saving grace. He immediately helped me change my tire. Luckily, I had a spare. I couldn't thank Nathan enough for helping me get home to my family. I really hope this message gets to someone who can appreciate him as much as I did that day! THANK YOU SO MUCH GEICO FOR SPONSORING THIS PROGRAM!

Jacky, NV

I received excellent service from Kelly in Wilmington, NC on Friday, August 12, 2022. I was stranded on the Isabel Holmes Bridge, where there is a VERY small shoulder, and it was around a bend in the approach road which made it particularly dangerous for me. I was riding my motorcycle, and the battery died while waiting for the drawbridge to go back down after having let a ship go by. It was starting to rain and I was rather anxious. I was trying to figure out how I could possibly get my wife to my location, how to explain to her where to pick up jumper cables, and how in the world I was going to be able to SAFELY have her pull up next to my motorcycle - IN A TRAFFIC LANE - in order to hook up the jumper cables. Kelly showed up in his vehicle, asked what the problem was, and set about giving me a jump. The motorcycle started immediately, and I was safely on my way in less than 5 minutes. Kelly is to be commended, and I hope this email serves to bring to your attention what a friendly, dedicated individual he is. Kudos to him, NCDOT, and GEICO for providing this valuable service.

Phillip, NC

I was traveling with my family (including 2 kids) towards Manhattan in my Honda Odyssey, when one of the rear tires burst. I was able to turn on the hazards and park safely on the right shoulder, but felt unsafe to sit in the van due to the speeding oncoming traffic. We saw a NJDOT flashing truck come and park behind our van just a few minutes later. It was a very polite gentleman, Frank, who informed us that he was from NJDOT and was there to help us with the flat tire for free. Frank was like a blessing sent from heaven. He made sure that my family was safe and then went on to change the flat. He checked if all other tires were fine and made sure we understood what we should be doing next. We would really like to thank NJDOT, and GEICO for their services, and Frank for being a thorough professional and a great human being. Keep up the good work.

Maneet, NJ

I was driving on I-95 toward exit 48 when I felt something weird. The car was shaking and out of balance. I went into the car and tried to google my insurance for a tow service, but my phone's data did not work at all. I couldn't call my husband because he was out of state. We are a military family who just moved here without knowing anyone to call. Five minutes passed, and a gentleman stopped by and offered help. While we were looking for the spare tire, there was a truck with a Nevada DOT sign on it. The gentleman named Stephen took over, removed the flat tire, and placed the spare on for me. I have no words to express how grateful I am to Stephen. He just appeared right there like an angel. I am safely home now, still scared but so thankful that I was able to get help when I was most desperate. I also want to say thank you to GEICO for sponsoring this amazing service.

Audrey, NV

Yesterday, I was traveling southbound on I-85 in a rental car I just picked up from the Greensboro airport. Just before exit 111, the left rear tire literally exploded. I struggled to keep the car steady. I happened to look in my mirror to see flashing yellow lights. Raphael was extremely helpful, as he first made sure I and the vehicle were safe. He then proceeded to explain who he was and what he was doing through GEICO's Safety Patrol working with the state of North Carolina. I had offered to pay for his service and he immediately explained that he would not accept any payment. However, I am donating money to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital in his name. Raphael and GEICO are to be commended for this great service. Every state should have similar programs. This is a great example of how private companies and public institutions can and should make this a better place for all of the US. Thank you, Raphael, GEICO, and the state of North Carolina for allowing me to arrive safely to my bride in South Carolina.

George, NC

My minivan stopped on I-84 in Manchester. I was in the van with my wife and two kids. I was sure the gas in the van was very close to a quarter tank. We pulled over in the safe lane. Thankfully, Mike and Dan from Connecticut DOT arrived 15 minutes later. They gave us gas and the van started right up. It was a scary moment. The vehicles on the highway were going really fast. A few times some vehicles were too close for comfort. I am very grateful for this service. The guys did a great job. Thank you.

Muhammad, CT

On August 23, 2022, I was heading North on Route 15 and got a flat tire. I managed to change the tire, but the spare required inflation. So, I called for roadside assistance, but it was going to take an additional 90 minutes. Soon after that call, a MDOT SHA Emergency Patrol truck, sponsored by GEICO, pulled over to help. Dan was wonderful. He quickly was able to set up his compressor and get my spare tire filled. I was back on my way in minutes. Thank you for your great help, and thank you, Dan.

John, MD

My tire came off when I was driving on 70 East. I was forced to pull over on a blind corner. Semis and cars were flying by, and it would have been a matter of time before I was hit. Tomm arrived and was able to guide traffic to the other lane and waited until the tow truck arrived and I was safely on my way. Thank you, thank you, Tomm and CDOT!!!

Heather, CO