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Tell us how we did.

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Please fill out a brief survey to tell us about your experience with the Safety Patrol. First, tell us where you were by selecting a state from the drop down below.

Motorist Stories

While heading on I-15 in Las Vegas NV, I heard a pop and had to immediately pull over. I had a blowout on the driver’s side front tire. I was not sure if my spare was good, and in fast-moving rush hour, early morning, dark traffic, I didn't feel safe changing a tire by myself on the side of the road. An NDOT/GEICO truck stopped to help while I was waiting for a tow. Stephen was friendly and eager to help me. He put out orange cones to keep us safe. He put air into my spare tire and mounted it for me. I was on the road again. Stephen is a hero! I was absolutely amazed, and I wish I could say more than just ‘thanks’ because this was a huge assistance to me and helped me to feel far less stressed than I otherwise would have given the situation. Thank you, Stephen. Major kudos! Thank you, NDOT, and thank you, GEICO! This was outstanding. You all rock!!! I want you all to know you've made a really big difference!

Lance, NV

This service makes me glad I am a GEICO customer and that GEICO sponsors the Safety Patrol. Just like the excellent service and price I receive for my insurance services, this Safety Patrol service was TOP NOTCH. The Safety Patrol was on the other side of the divided Turnpike and saw me. They actually got off at the next exit, turned around, and came behind me. My two Safety Patrol operators, Mel and Zack, hopped on their radio and within the span of 2 minutes, had me hooked up with a AAA flatbed tow operator and said he'd be here in about 10 minutes. While we were waiting, these were two of the nicest guys. They answered all my questions I always had about the Turnpike like ‘Who removes deer that get hit?’ and ‘How many times do you respond a day?’ While I was not afraid at all, this little bit of human interaction can make all the difference, especially if someone had been in a worse predicament or accident. These two are the eyes on the highway and a calming force. More importantly, Mel kept me updated with the progress of the tow vehicle. He arrived, hooked up my vehicle, lifted it up onto the truck, and I was off. I can't say enough good things about how the entire process was handled.

Matt, PA

"I had a tire blowout in the fast lane on I-95 and managed to pull my car off the road across three lanes of the highway. Don pulled in behind me about 10 minutes later, while I was waiting for roadside assistance, and offered to help change my tire. He was extremely polite and helpful, and explained that this was a free service provided by the state of Connecticut and sponsored by GEICO. It was all done in record time. He was such a nice and polite man. He refused a tip and said I could post online, so here I am! Thank you so much, Don, Connecticut DOT, and GEICO."

Mitch, CT

We were traveling east on I-465. Multiple cars had to pull off the Interstate onto the right shoulder after they ran over an unidentified obstacle on the road. Several tires were flattened and rims were bent. We were lucky that only one of our tires was flattened and the rim was bent. We were scrambling to figure out what to do, but other unaffected drivers continued to use the far-right lane, right next to us, at high speed like nothing happened. When we identified the problem and got the jack and spare tire out of the trunk, the GEICO van showed up and blocked the right lane making it safe for everyone. After we took the spare tire out of the trunk, the GEICO operator checked the air pressure and inflated the tire to the proper level. Thank you!"

Ron, IN

He was an angel! He told me right away that he was there to help. In just 10 minutes, my tire was fixed. If he didn't arrive it would have been a big hassle for me. I am so thankful and I really appreciate his help. What a big relief for me!! Kudos to GEICO!!"

Virginia, NV

While driving on I-85 South, my gas gauge showed a quarter of a tank, but suddenly the car started shutting down and I barely made it over to the shoulder. My repeated calls for roadside assistance were unsuccessful because the automated system couldn't locate me. Semi-trucks were whizzing by three feet away! An NCDOT/GEICO truck appeared behind me, and Matthew was so gracious and helpful. I didn't know such saviors existed and felt incredibly lucky that he spotted me in distress. Within a few minutes he had given me enough fuel to make it to the next station and provided me with directions. Thank you, Matthew, NCDOT, and GEICO. You really saved the day!

Melaine, NC