The Safety Patrol Program

GEICO and state transportation agencies are making driving safer for all citizens. State-run Safety Patrols, sponsored by GEICO, are improving mobility and providing valuable, free services for motorists traveling our nation's highways.

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Motorist Stories

I just bought a used car and was heading home when all of a sudden, the car started sputtering and then shut down. The gas gauge was broken. As I quickly managed to get to the side of the freeway, I saw my husband drive by without seeing me, purse, phone, and my sanity with him. It was the busiest day, hour and location-- making it impossible to get out unless I went out the back window. I've never felt so alone stranded and scared since I was a child. All I can do is cry. Out of nowhere, I see a GEICO roadside assistance truck pull up behind me and Angelina appeared with a smile and reassurance that settled all of my fears. Within minutes she had me started back up. We have since then purchased GEICO coverage for my car and plan to switch the rest of our policies immediately along with many other family members following suit. Thank you, GEICO and thank you Angelina for being there and for saving me.

-Jessica, NV

Patrol driver, Logan, came up behind our vehicle as we were stuck on Northbound I-25 with a flat tire. Two men in our vehicle were having a little trouble with the jack getting caught on the edge of the road. The CDOT Safety Patrol pulled up behind us and very quickly used his heavy-duty jack to jack up our vehicle. He had the tire changed for us in a matter of minutes. We were overjoyed to see him and realized as he pulled away it was the CDOT Safety Patrol -- sponsored by GEICO!! It was Awesome!!

-Paula, CO

He gave me gas. I ran out of gas on the Baldwin Bridge, not too bright on my part. I didn’t realize the state and GEICO provided this unbelievable program, thank you so much.

-James, CT

I was heading home on Tuesday night during rush hour, and I had a tire blowout in the fast lane of I-280 West. I managed to pull my car off the road across the three lanes of the highway. I called my insurance company, but they stated it will take about 30 to 60 minutes to get to me. A Safety Patrol operator named Kevin stopped and asked me if I needed help. I told him yes that I have a flat tire. Politely, he asked me if he could change the tire and I said yes. In a few minutes, Kevin replaced the flat tire to the spare and advised me to drive 50 miles per hour. It was a long trip, but thanks to Kevin I arrived safety home. Thank you, Kevin, so much for your generosity and NJDOT/GEICO.

-Gladys, PA

Heroes on the Road. On December 1, at 6:00 AM my rear tire blew out and I pulled over to the emergency lane. The emergency lane was very narrow and cars were driving by me at 65+ MPH. I called 911 and they contacted GEICO Freeway Safety Patrol. I was in a very bad spot and within 10 minutes here came my heroes, Rob, Gibby and Mike. They jumped into action, they diverted the traffic so they could move my car to a safer emergency lane, then they changed my flat tire with my spare. With their help I was able to exit the freeway safely. GEICO, thank you for having this great service.

-Ed, NV

Towed car to park and ride after a tire blowout. I had my wheelchair-bound brother and sister-in-law with me. It took lots of patience to get us in the tow truck and squad car after the spare tire wouldn’t release. GEICO driver Vashaun Morgan helped with everything. Stayed with us. This was on New Year’s Day. We were in a big pickle. Help was immense. Thank you!

-David, WI

On 1/8/24 I was enroute to my home in New Jersey. On 95 N @ 81 mile-marker, I had a blowout of the driver-side tire. The tire was completely shredded. I was barely able to control my vehicle & managed to pull off the travel lane to a narrow shoulder. Other services failed me. After being alone & in a high-risk situation, with weather moving in, a GEICO IMAP truck pulled up behind. The driver was Willy O', the NC DOT Incident Manager. Willy O' was on 95 S when he spotted me & knew I needed help. He greeted me with a smile & a hand shake. I knew immediately a very bad day was about to change for the good. He guided me a few yards to a safer position. He changed the tire and correctly told me the tire wheel was not damaged. During the process Willy O' gave me instructions for my safety while he was changing the tire. When I was ready to roll, Willy O' stayed behind me to ensure a safe pull out to 95 N. Willy O' made it possible for me to continue my journey & beat the incoming weather. I don't know where I'd be without him.

-Alan, NC

Tire blew out on my rental car on I-25 in Denver mid-afternoon Dec 12. Car was stopped at left side emergency lane, which was narrow and felt precarious. Within a very short time, two CDOT trucks showed up with one behind us to block the left lane of traffic. Kelly and Joe saved the day. Arrived fast, jumped into action and got us out of that situation quickly by finding the spare tire buried under luggage, jacking the car with virtually no room and getting it done. Really great service. Thanks so much!

-George, CO