The Safety Patrol Program

GEICO and state transportation agencies are making driving safer for all citizens. State-run Safety Patrols sponsored by GEICO are improving mobility and providing valuable, free services for motorists traveling our nation's highways.

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Motorist Stories

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, I spun out while traveling north on I-65 and ended up stuck in the thick mud in the median between the two roads. An Indiana DOT Hoosier Helper Incident Response Technician named Luis was the first on the scene to respond. After first checking to make sure I wasn't hurt, he told me he believed he could pull my car out of the mucky, muddy mire where I was stuck. After a highway patrol officer arrived to assist us by using his emergency flashers to warn others and help shield the traffic away from us, Luis did just that! He easily pulled my car out and I was soon able to drive away. My car needed a wash, but other than that I escaped uninjured and my vehicle undamaged. I had a slight delay in my journey north but I am grateful for 'Traveling Mercies' and the assistance given by my Hoosier Helper, Luis! Thank you so much to the state of Indiana for providing this service to the visiting motorists to your state. I would give the highest ratings for performance, satisfaction, speed and service for this fine young man and would like to wish a very big THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my highway angel and friend, LUIS!!!

Jeff, IN

I got a flat tire on the freeway today. Out of nowhere, I saw a tow truck. The patrol drivers were William and James. I was worried at first because I didn't have money to pay them, but they said it's a free service. I was surprised and relieved. They towed my car to the nearest parking area where it was safe. I was thankful they came. They're awesome. They even tried to offer me water and also gave me a list of towing companies just in case I needed it.

Bryan, NV

My husband and I are cross country truck drivers from Oklahoma. We stopped to re-strap our load and tighten it down. Gerald happened to be behind us. He stopped to ask if we needed help, then stayed to keep his lights on to keep us safe on the side of the highway, and helped us re-enter traffic safely. He was incredibly kind and we were very grateful he stopped to keep us safe! We had an amazing experience with our Hoosier Helper today!

Lauren, IN

Richard saved us!! I was with my elderly mom and two young kids driving on I-83, Saturday, April 2nd, late at night, when I hit something in the roadway which caused a flat tire. I was able to pull safely off the road and within three minutes, a state trooper pulled over to see if we were okay and just behind him was the MDOT vehicle. Richard was courteous, was efficient, and kept us all safe. We were back on the road within 10 minutes! He made what could have been a very scary experience safe and positive. Thank you again!

Lisa, MD

I ran out of gas on the I-15 and just wasn't paying attention to the level of gas I had left. Roberto pulled behind me and I asked how much it was for a little gas. He smiled and said, 'I can do 1 gallon for free,' and he told me about how GEICO sponsors the NDOT Freeway Service. What a savior. Roberto obviously loves helping people in need. I'm one of them and I'm grateful!!

Joe, NV

The patrol driver, Bill, noticed that I was struggling with my broken tail light on the shoulder of the highway. The tail light was disconnected and hanging from the car. He pulled over to assist me and was able to secure the light in place so that I could make it to my destination safely. He was extremely kind and helpful and asked if he could assist with anything else that I may need. I truly appreciate the service that he offered. I feel that he went above and beyond to be as helpful as he could and to ensure that I was able to make it to my destination safely. His pleasant and helpful demeanor was very much appreciated in that moment of stress.

Emoni, MD

My husband and I had our car break down on the highway. CDOT showed up without us even calling for help and they quickly helped us get to a safer spot off the freeway. Darrell was super nice and helpful!

Catherine, CO