The Safety Patrol Program

GEICO and state transportation agencies are making driving safer for all citizens. State-run Safety Patrols, sponsored by GEICO, are improving mobility and providing valuable, free services for motorists traveling our nation's highways.

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Motorist Stories

Jim really saved me today! I ran out of gas on the highway, and he was literally there the second I pulled over. He pushed my car a safe distance away from the traffic, put a gallon of gas in my tank and even gave me directions to the nearest gas station! I have only been a GEICO customer for a year, but thanks to Jim, you've earned yourself a forever loyal customer!! I will always be grateful to him for saving the day and being absolutely amazing! Thank you, thank you, Jim!

Nicole, OH

I had battery problems while on I-395. Donald and Sean got me back on the road. They were friendly and professional. I've had auto insurance with GEICO for 40 years and was glad to see GEICO and Nevada DOT had this program.

Frederick, NV

Ralph assisted us when our tire blew out while driving on the PA Turnpike near the Malvern exit. We had a 14-month-old child in the car and were comforted knowing the emergency vehicle provided a warning sign for other motorists that our car was disabled. Ralph arranged for a Turnpike-approved tow provider and allowed us to sit in his truck to keep warm while waiting. (Our battery died with the window down.) He was extremely professional during the entire episode and gave us great comfort in a stressful situation. Ralph helped get us on our way as quickly as possible, and his friendly demeanor and competence made him the ideal person for this job. My wife says Ralph is her hero.

Jonathan, PA

“My husband and I were traveling from Florida for the holiday, passing through NC, when our car engine failed on I-95 Northbound. We were able to coast to the rest stop in Fayetteville. Then, we met a true angel on Earth, Willy. Willy asked if we needed help, we said yes, and then we were the recipients of the most generous, genuine kindness that we have ever experienced. He helped us with our options for where to have the car towed, where to get a rental car, etc. We were overwhelmed by how absolutely kind this man was. He is the real deal. We are so blessed to have crossed paths with him on Saturday. You should be very proud to have Willy on your patrol. We are so grateful that we met him and got to experience his generous spirit.

Robin, NC

We had a flat tire on I-270 near Westerville today and were able to safely pull off to the left. It was rainy, the road was busy, and we were frightened by the situation. We were delighted that just two minutes after we pulled over, Columbus police officer Donald pulled behind us with his safety lights on. He advised that he would call ODOT Safety Patrol. Officer Donald stayed behind us until ODOT agent Riley arrived, put out safety cones, assured us we were safe, and he was here to help. He jacked up the car, took off the flat, and put our spare tire on the car. He kept his flashers on which helped us merge safely into traffic. These men took a scary situation and turned it into a holiday gift for us. Congratulations to ODOT and GEICO for executing and sponsoring this service. Our experience was a surprise, delight, and relief. Thanks to all of you for this program and especially to the men who cared for us.

Joe, OH

I was stuck in the toll booth waiting on a toll ticket when the vehicle died. Cars honking, people hooting at me to go, go, go, but I couldn't. Personnel from the toll admin building helped me get to the employee parking lot and called for assistance. Here comes Ryan from KTA. He tried a couple things, but no luck. He made sure I was safe and that my vehicle was safe and asked me where I was headed. Then without hesitation, Ryan made a call for permission, loaded me in the truck along with my luggage, and got me to my event on time. It's people like Ryan that make me proud to be a Kansan. This guy is a fantastic employee. He is a keeper! Thank you.

Lori, KS

I am a medical professional working at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro. I ran out of gas one day, was needed at the hospital and still several miles from the nearest gas station. I was blessed to see the DOT representative Jerry and his truck arrive minutes after I was stranded - with fuel - which he didn't hesitate to put in my vehicle. I could not be more grateful for this awesome program. Because of Jerry, and the GEICO DOT service, I was on my way in minutes. Thank you, Jerry, and this great service you provide the community. Hats off to ya, bud!!

Michael, NC