The Safety Patrol Program

GEICO and state transportation agencies are making driving safer for all citizens. State-run Safety Patrols, sponsored by GEICO, are improving mobility and providing valuable, free services for motorists traveling our nation's highways.

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Motorist Stories

Ryan was extremely helpful and courteous in fixing my problem. I'm not sure what I would have done without his assistance. My truck received extensive damage when the tire exploded. I was pulling an RV which is insured by GEICO. Thank you so much to the INDOT Hoosier Helpers, sponsored by GEICO!! Once again, Ryan did an outstanding job. Thank you!

Brian, IN

On my way to work on the Las Vegas Strip, it was dark and rainy when my car stopped working. As I was making the necessary calls to cover my role at work, contacting a tow company, and my auto repair center, I noticed a large truck with lights aglow pulling up behind me. After a brief introduction and explanation of my car woes, Stephen jumped into action. He diagnosed the problem like an old pro and was a very kind, warm, compassionate and friendly gentleman. He got me up and running at a rapid rate of speed and left me with a short checklist of vehicle maintenance to-do's. Bottom line, this service is great, I give it an A+! I'm so impressed and immensely APPRECIATIVE! Thank you, Stephen, you're AMAZING!!

Evette, NV

I am a realtor, and I was on my way to show houses when I got a flat tire on Interstate 84 and limped the car down an exit ramp onto Route 8 off into the grass. I was waiting for my husband and my son to drive 45 minutes to come and help me as I was all dressed up for work. Out of nowhere, an angel named William from the DOT appeared with a half- hour left in his shift, he stopped to see if I was OK. I did not tell that I had a flat tire as it was on the opposite side from where he pulled over. I told him that my husband and my son were coming and he still offered to help me. Not only was he efficient, he was kind. He was absolutely phenomenal! On a scale of 1 to 5, I wish you had a 100! He not only changed the tire quickly but there was no hole in my tire so he actually looked into what was wrong with it and even checked my spare to make sure that it was functional. I honestly had no idea that this service existed even though my husband was a state trooper for 20 years. I was absolutely floored by the experience with William. He's the man! The poor guy didn't know what hit him when I gave him a big hug! I also still made it to work! I hope this message gets to William. He's a true professional and clearly goes above and beyond for the public.

Christina, CT

My car lost power on the Summerlin Parkway and 95 Northbound interchange. I was able to pull to the side of the freeway safely. Not more than 10 minutes later, a Service Patrol vehicle pulled up behind me. Gilberto was very pleasant, friendly and really let me know he was there to help. Unfortunately, he could not assist with what was wrong with my car because by that time the car had totally died. I really appreciated him stopping in the first place and giving me two bottles of cold water. I explained to Gilberto what happened leading up to my car dying and Gilberto said it sounded like it perhaps could be that the alternator went bad. Sure enough, he was right. This is the first time I have ever needed the services of the NDOT Service Patrol but I tell you, I am so glad and grateful this service is available and for free. Gilberto was extremely helpful, considerate and friendly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, NDOT and GEICO for providing this service. Please keep it going. This service is invaluable but I didn't know how much until I had to use the service for myself. Sincerely, an extremely grateful Las Vegas commuter. Blessings.

Alycia, NV

I got a flat tire on 225 today, and I was thinking about how on earth I was going to get it fixed. I was just about to despair, then out of nowhere Chad drove up and replaced my tire for free like a mystical GEICO genie. Chad really saved me today!! Thanks, Chad!!

Rius, CO

My truck that had always been driving fine suddenly died and all the lights on the dash came on while I'm in rush hour traffic. I could not get across all the lanes to pull off to the right. This has never happened to me and I was terrified! I was so scared someone was going to hit us from behind! I just had a baby, and he was in the car seat in the back and I was so scared we would be hit and him injured! I just wanted us off the freeway to safety as there were a couple vehicles that came scarily close to us. Suddenly, this GEICO DOT flatbed tow truck showed up out of nowhere! I got out and ran to the front of his truck to ask for help. I didn't even know this type of service existed! Jose was so nice, he 100% saved our lives for real! He told me to get back in my truck where it's safe and he would pull my truck up onto his flat bed and drive us to safety! This was the most amazing thing I've ever heard of, and Jose was so kind and the only reason I didn't have a complete nervous breakdown! I don't think we would have been able to wait for a tow truck to save us from the center of the freeway without being hit. What he did saved us! Having a new baby/being a new mom makes a person a million times more terrified than any other car breakdown, I can tell you that for sure! Thank you, Jose, for being amazing!

Meredith, NV

My tire blew out completely on the side of the busy highway. Anthony showed up within minutes and replaced it with my spare. He also had GEICO geckos for my kids! I had no idea this service existed and am so beyond impressed. I told Anthony he was our knight in shining armor.

Andrea, NC